5 Must-Have Holiday Decorations For Your Home

homes for sale south tampa
homes for sale south tampa

5 Must-Have South Tampa Homes Holiday Decoration

The holidays are almost here so you know what that means…time to decorate your home! The smell of home cooked meals, holiday music, and joyful decorations; all of these elements come together in the spirit of the holidays and cheer.

Every year people meticulously plan and think of new and creative ways to decorate their homes for the holiday season. But there are always a few items that are staples when decorating your home.

That’s why we’ve complied a list with the 5 must-have South Tampa Homes Holiday Decoration.


They’re not always the first thing that comes to mind when you think about decorations, but they can transform an entire room into a holiday environment. While some of them bring a pleasing aesthetic to your home, others have scents including mint, apple, and cinnamon. Our homes for sale in South Tampa are nearby to one of Tampa’s best kept secrets, 7th Avenue Apothecary, specializing in artisanal, scented candles made from soy. Remember to buy a few scented candles for your home to bring out the marquee scent of the holidays.


Whether you hang them on a tree or use them as centerpieces, ornaments have the flexibility to be used anywhere around your home while providing a festive atmosphere. This classic staple is a must-have for any home because of it’s versatility and it’s wide variety of shapes, colors, sizes and even textures. Ornaments are pretty easy to come by, but if you’re looking for a large array of options, you can always visit Tampa’s famous Robert’s Christmas Wonderland store.


Flowers may be seen better suited for other holidays, but if you get bright, red and green bouquets, they make a perfect addition to your home decorations. Use them as a dinner table centerpiece or add poinsettias to your foyer to greet your guests. Bay Bouquet is a perfect option to buy holiday arrangements are actually nearby our homes for sale in Hyde Park. Whether you opt to buy bouquets or just a few to adorn your home, make sure to use bright colors to tie in your cheerful theme!

Garlands & Wreaths

Tradition never goes out of style. Using garlands and wreaths in your home are a prime indicator of the holiday season is here (next to pine trees of course!). But they’re more than just a holiday symbol. Bringing in nature into your home offers a special, warm essence and a fresh winter smell that is hard to come by. You can use them as an accent among other decorations or even on their own can cause an impactful yet cheery style. A quick stop at Val’s Home Décor gives you the opportunity to see several differ styles of garlands, wreaths, and pines to adorn your home this holiday season.

Holiday Lighting

Nothing says “holiday season” quite like beautiful, colorful lights, whether you’re wrapping them around a tree or decorating an actual home, lighting offers a unique, festive way to show the season is here! You can choose to decorate your home using professionals such as Decorating Elves, who are light technicians specializing in setting up lights across your home and yard. However you chose to set up your lights, may they be bright and wonderful!


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