About Us

Longtime home builder Sharon McSwain joined industry veterans Elaine and Dan McSwain to create Domain Homes and Domain Realty. Elaine and Dan are Florida real estate insiders with more than five decades of nationally ranked success as home builders. In the metro Atlanta area, Sharon McSwain was synonymous with innovative home designs, strategic locations and exceptional customer service for more than 15 years. Since 2010, as Domain Homes, the family tradition of craftsmanship and customer care has been combined with a vision and passion for creating desirable new homes and a leading edge home buying experience. We’re all about “interactive home ownership.” That means we partner with you to create or to find a dream home with the right features in the right neighborhood at the right price. Real Value. Right Choice – the kind of home and the kind of home building and buying experience you’ll feel good about for years to come.

We use a fresh new approach to building and buying a home that sets us apart from other companies. But we’re not new to the business. We’ve been building in the region for more than 30 years. Come by and visit with our team to learn more about our unique approach to home building and buying.