Morris Bodden

Morris is in the Reserves and has been living in Tampa for 20 years. He’s always rented. His mother has a condo in Ocala, which is about an hour and a half away. Rather than miss her every day and burn up the interstate to visit her, Morris decided to move her in with him so he could take better care of her. There was just one glitch in his plan; his current apartment wouldn’t work for the two of them. That’s when Morris decided to buy his first home.

Morris took his time house hunting because he wanted the perfect floorplan for his mom, and he wanted to make a wise investment. Many of the houses he looked at were flips. While they were appealing aesthetically, he was skeptical about the wiring, plumbing, and other systems behind the walls. He also was surprised by what people called a bedroom. One listing had a tiny room tucked behind the laundry room. It had no closet and included leftover kitchen cabinets. Morris was amazed that they tried to sell it as a fourth bedroom.

There were no problems whatsoever with the new home design from Urban 360°. Because it was a new build, Morris could see that the plumbing, electrical, and other systems were installed properly. Plus, his mom was able to help select the finishes for their new home. Morris says his mom is looking forward to starting her new chapter in Tampa and sharing a home with her son.