The Butler Family

Tolanda has been on the hunt for her own home for more than 30 years, but life’s ups and downs kept pushing her off track. She needs more than one hand to count number of first-time homebuyer classes that she’s completed. A little over five years ago she made a promise to herself to focus on her goal and make it happen. Next, she found a realtor she really liked. Her realtor suggested looking at Urban 360° before the Dream Center actually opened. Tolanda continued to look at homes, but couldn’t find one she felt really good about. When the Urban 360° Dream Center opened, she took a closer look. The home felt just right, and she decided to buy one of her own.

“I really appreciate how patient Juan and Belix are,” says Tolanda. “This isn’t my area of expertise, and they take time to explain things as many times as it takes for me to understand it.”

So many family and friends have been on this journey with her that Tolanda plans to host three or four housewarming parties just to make room for everyone. After trying to buy a home for years, Tolanda has acquired a lot of experience and she’s happy to share. Although she didn’t qualify for the down payment loan assistance from the City of Tampa, she’s been giving advice to her colleagues about the debt-to-income ratios they’ll need to qualify for the program.