As a church music director, Stephen’s job has many rewards; a big salary isn’t one of them. With bad credit from a previous rough patch, he had few options when trying to buy a home.

Stephen Banyra

If he bought a home to fix up, he wouldn’t have money for the renovations. He looked at pre-fabricated homes and worried about the safety and quality. He had almost given up when he found Urban 360°º. Stephen says it was Juan’s video on the website that helped him changed his mindset. Juan advises people who may not think they can buy a home to take that first step today. Feeling hopeful, Stephen went to the Sales Center and met Juan in person. Juan explained the Urban 360°º program to Stephen, and said he might qualify. Stephen worked with Juan to choose a floor plan and a lot. Belix helped him qualify for loan assistance and a fixed-rate mortgage. Stephen credits the unique partnerships that Urban 360°º has with lenders with making his loan possible. Stephen’s new home costs less than his rent, and he’s delighted with the quality of the construction. “These are very solidly built homes with the same construction processes and materials as high-end Domain Homes,” says Stephen. “I feel really good about that, and I won’t have to worry about costly repairs or unexpected maintenance.” Stephen lives with his roommate Ruben, a dog, and several cats.