Calderon family

For Ramiro and his wife, their housewarming was also a homecoming. Their move from a rental in West Park to a new Urban 360°º home in East Tampa locates them only six blocks from his mother-in-law’s home where his wife grew up.

The Calderon Family

It all began when Ramiro spotted the banners at the Sales Center and decided to investigate. When Juan told Ramiro that Urban 360°º had new homes starting at less than $200,000, Ramiro was shocked. He had done a lot of research and most of the newly constructed homes he saw were more than $250,000. Juan also told Ramiro that he could qualify for loan assistance from the City of Tampa. Suddenly, it seemed like a no-brainer.

Ramiro attended the First Time Homebuyer Education Course and qualified for loan assistance to help with his down payment. With his wife’s roots in the neighborhood and his own fondness for East Tampa, Ramiro believes fulfilling the 10-year commitment for loan forgiveness will be easy.

Now Ramiro and his wife are advocates for Urban 360°º. When a stranger recently stopped and asked them how they felt about their new home and the neighborhood, his wife said she loved it. Happy wife. Happy life.