Alysha’s family had been renting for years. As her children got closer to leaving the nest for college, she wanted to establish a home that would always bring them back. And, to her, that meant owning a home.

The Cobb Family

Alysha grew up in East Tampa and loved the area, but the home buying options were slim. They would have to buy a home and fix it up or live with whatever problems existed.

When she considered buying in the suburbs, her heart sank. She wanted to live in Tampa and in a community where people looked like her and her children.

When Alysha found out about Urban 360°°, she knew it was the perfect solution. She could live in a neighborhood she loved, enjoy a new home, and be part of a movement to rejuvenate a community that held a special place in her heart.

“I think it is so great that a for-profit builder is building new homes here for the people who already live here, instead of pushing people out,” says Alysha.

With a good credit score and stable income, Alysha was already pre-qualified for a home. She did switch to an Urban 360°° preferred lender because she felt it was a better product and would make the process more seamless.

“Urban 360°° did an amazing job of making the home buying process comfortable,” says Alysha. “Every step just got more and more exciting. They did a great job of including our kids in the process and making it a fun and personal experience.”