A Navy veteran, Luis and his husband worried about rising rents. The cost for their two-bedroom apartment climbed from $770 a month to almost $1100. Luis’s solution was to get a VA loan to buy a home with a fixed rate mortgage.

Luis Delapaz

Luis and his husband were interested in buying a historic home with character. His grandmother and family matriarch advised him to buy new construction. Luis is glad he listened. He purchased his new Urban 360°º home with a fixed-rate, VA loan and won’t have to worry about repairs for a long time.

Before the closing, Luis had his new home independently inspected. They were relieved to hear the inspector say that their home was very well constructed. In fact, the inspector assured them both that he does not see this type of quality in new home construction very often.

They have moved in and are enjoying the finishes and fixtures they selected at the Dream Center. One additional fixture is a flagpole installed in the front yard. Luis and his husband proudly fly the American flag alongside the Rainbow flag.

Luis is especially pleased to have invested his VA loan wisely and looks forward to one day retiring debt-free.