The vision for Urban 360°º was that the people who serve the community, such as nurses, teachers, and police officers, could afford to live in the city and invest in its future. Joshua, a Hillsborough County Sheriff Deputy, is a perfect example of that vision being realized.

Joshua Garro

Joshua searched for several months through different sources to find a home that was a good fit. He wanted to be able to easily get to work but also reach other parts of the city fast.

When he first came to the Urban 360°º Dream Center, it was still under construction. His first introduction to Urban 360°º was a temporary sales center located in a RV. He didn’t let that dampen his excitement.

Urban 360°º was an easy choice for Joshua because he was already living in East Tampa. He knew how convenient it was and understood that it would be a wise investment.

Joshua was one of the earliest Urban 360°º converts. He purchased his home in February 2019. Coming up on his first-year anniversary as a homeowner, he is already enjoying the new roots he has established.