Terril, her husband, and her children were tired of apartment living and rising rents. They wanted to own a home.

The James Family

Terril start looking around Tampa for a home they could afford. It seemed as if every time she turned a corner, she saw a sign for Urban 360°°. She also heard a lot of people talking about the down payment loan assistance from the City of Tampa.

Terril liked the idea of having several location choices and a forgivable loan for her down payment, so she went to the Dream Center on Palm Ave. She met Juan and learned more about the floorplans and the loan program.

Terril visited the Urban 360°° Dream Center, fell in love with a floorplan, and chose her lot. To qualify for the down payment loan assistance, she had to take the First-time Homebuyer class. This was interesting for Terril. She was able to learn the ins and outs of the home buying process and get tips on how to maintain her home after her purchase. She now feels better prepared for the responsibilities of homeownership.

Terril’s family enjoyed the design process, during which they met with the designer and selected the home’s finishes before construction began. Being able to choose the details they wanted was the opposite experience from apartment living.

Now, Terril and her family are settled into their new home, and she’s telling everyone else about Urban 360°°.