After house hunting for two years, Domica learned two things. Firstly, she loved the designs and construction quality of houses built by Domain Homes. Secondly, as a single mother she probably could never afford one.

Domica Jones

She was frustrated because the homes she thought that she could afford were outside of Tampa. By contrast, her entire life — her support system, job, and her daughters’ school and dance studio — were all in the city.

One day she received a call from her Realtor and everything changed. Her realtor suggested that she look at the Urban 360°º program. For Domica, all the pieces came together. She could get the two-story home she wanted in a convenient location, and her great credit score made it easy to qualify for loan assistance from the City of Tampa.

Domica was amazed, “This is everything I wanted, and it’s a Domain Home. This was so awesome because it was pre-construction, and I could go in and pick out my finishings and fixtures.”

Now Domica can take the time she spent house-hunting and juggling work and kids activities, and use it to relax and enjoy hew new home.