Ben was tired of rent increases and dreamed of a fixed-rate mortgage. He took a class at the Housing and Education Alliance to raise his credit score and learned about Urban 360°º. He couldn’t believe that he could get loan assistance and a home built “from scratch.”

Benjamin Kamara

With his Urban 360°º home, Ben was able to select the colors and finishes. Getting the colors right is crucial because Ben’s fiancé is moving from Puerto Rico to start their life together in their new home. He wants her to love the home as much as he does.

Ben has met several of his neighbors and said they are thrilled to see what is happening with the community now that Urban 360°º has started to build new homes and new people are moving in.

Although he is still unpacking, Ben feels he has now achieved his piece of the American Dream. Knowing that his monthly mortgage for the next 30 years will not go up is a big relief for him. He says that this house came at a perfect time, at a perfect price, and in a perfect location… he cannot believe how lucky he is.