Ohannes family

Maria takes personal determination to a new level. She spent three years cleaning up her credit with the help of Solita’s House so that she could buy a home. During that time, she used the internet to look for homes.

Maria Ohannes

One day she was driving by the Dream Center and spotted the banners for Urban 360°º. She decided to take a look.

Maria approached the Sales Center with caution. Being able to buy a brand new home in her price range seemed too good to be true. When Maria discovered that Urban 360°º was teamed up with the City of Tampa to provide loan assistance, she knew it was a safe bet.

Maria’s hard work has paid off. This Christmas she will be giving herself a new home with a fixed-rate mortgage. After she lives in her home for 10 years, her loan assistance will be forgiven. Maria looks forward to moving from Palm River and beginning her new life in East Tampa. Given that her credit is now in great shape, she’ll have time and resources to focus on saving for the future.