The Saint Fleur family firmly believes in home ownership. Name a Zip code in Tampa, and Frislane can list several family members who own homes in that area. Her four siblings own their own homes, but ownership has eluded this single mother of three children.

Frislane Saint Fleur

Tapping into her competitive spirit, Frislane set out to remedy that with hard work. Sometimes working two jobs, she focused on paying the bills and saving money to buy her own home. With a solid credit score and improved income, Frislane was financially in a position to make her dreams of owning a home a reality.

Next, she connected with an agent who showed her homes that were available in her price range. She set her sights on a new home from Urban 360°° because her sister lives nearby. Frislane also believes the home is a good investment. This first rung on the home ownership ladder could help her catch up with her brothers and sisters.

As a result of her determination and hard work, Frislane is buying her Urban 360°° home without the down payment loan assistance from the City of Tampa.