Christian had been avoiding homeownership for several years. She attributes her reluctance to commitment phobia. As she marked her ninth year in Tampa and continued to be in love with the school where she teaches, she overcame her fears and start looking for a home.

Christian Simmons

She began her research online and came across a home listing with a rendering of an Urban 360°° home. Her interest piqued, she drove to the address and saw only an empty lot. “Well, I guess they really are new homes,” she says with a chuckle.

Christian knew and liked the East Tampa area. She also loved the convenience of being downtown. Once she moves, in her morning commute to school will be 15 minutes on surface streets and only three turns.

She looked at the Ashley floorplan for her and her daughter and knew that it had plenty of space. When she found out she could turn the dining room in the Tyler floorplan into a fourth bedroom, she went with that option instead.

During the process of considering floorplans and making decisions, she talked to one of her close friends who teaches at her school. He became very interested and is now working toward getting his own Urban 360°° home.

“This program is perfect for teachers like us,” says Christian. “We’re very well educated and community minded, but we don’t make a lot of money. Being able to live close to our schools gives teachers more time and energy for our students, and we’ll be able to do more to help our community.”