Dorothy is a no-nonsense, hard-working woman and the parking dramas that came with apartment living had zero appeal for her. The last thing she wanted to do after a 12-hour shift was knock on the neighbor’s door and tell them to move their cars.

Dorothy Underwood

Remembering the home that she owned many years earlier and the privacy and autonomy she enjoyed, Dorothy decided to try to buy a home again. She was interested in a Section 8 home that her realtor showed her. To qualify, she completed the First-time Homebuyer class. By the time Dorothy completed the class, the home wasn’t available.

That’s when Dorothy’s luck changed, and she learned about Urban 360°°. She fell in love with a floorplan, and the idea that she wouldn’t have to worry about renovations or repairs. She decided to take the plunge and buy it.

“I really enjoyed working with Juan and Belix,” says Dorothy. “Juan is really calm and realistic. Belix is very nice and keeps it real. I like how she just lets me know what I need to do, and we get it done.”

Dorothy was able to select the finishes for her new home. Her son and youngest daughter came along to give her their opinions, but the final call was hers.

East Tampa is a new neighborhood for Dorothy, but she knows that the area is coming up fast, and she’s glad to be investing in it. Even though Dorothy doesn’t have any friends nearby, she’s ready to make some new ones.