The World’s Largest LEGO Art Display comes to downtown Tampa

Tampa is welcoming the world’s largest LEGO art display.

When selecting neighborhoods to build, one of the many qualities that Domain Homes looks for  in is their wide appeal – and close proximity to popular entertainment and the arts.

This lifestyle creates an open environment for different interests and promotes a cultural and economically diverse atmosphere for its residents.

With the success of The Beach Tampa by Snarkitecture, an immersive art installation featuring a 10,000 square foot, all-white beach environment with an ‘ocean’ of 1.2 million recyclable white balls, downtown Tampa is ready to present another great exhibit.

This month art adds considerably to the city’s appeal. The exhibit titled The Art of the Brick, a LEGO art show, will be arriving in downtown Tampa,

This exhibit should boost downtown and help put Tampa on the map for residents and visitors alike. Known as the world’s largest LEGO art display, The Art of the Brick is an excellent exhibit that turns one of the most common toys into an exquisite display of classic and modern art.

That’s a key reason why Domain Homes builds in and around downtown Tampa. They understand the need for residents to have a great home life as well as a  vibrant city life.


World’s largest LEGO art display


The exhibit was created by Nathan Sawaya, a former New York City corporate attorney who follows his belief that art is not optional.

That led Sawaya to obsessively and painstakingly create glorious artistry that’s entertained audiences both young and small. Sawaya lives and works between his two studios in New York and Los Angeles.

Numerous awards and honors have recognized his artwork and cultural achievements. Sawaya founded The Art Revolution Foundation In 2014, with the belief that “art is not optional,”  to make art a priority in our schools — and even in our homes.

Sawaya is the only person in the world who has been both a LEGO Master Model Builder as well as a LEGO Certified Professional.

The Art of the Brick LEGO exhibition is now on a global tour, and is among the first art exhibits to focus exclusively on the use of LEGO bricks. This exhibit has visited more than 80 cities worldwide; this is the first time it has visited Tampa Bay. Sawaya has definitely taken this art medium to new heights.


A Foundation that Understands


Hosted by the Vinik Family Foundation, the exhibit also gives people living in the neighborhoods that Domain Homes builds a great charitable organization to support.

Jeff and Penny created and managed  the Vinik Family Foundation. Since 1997, the foundation has donated more than $60 million to non-profits. These foundations work in the areas of education, human services, healthcare and the arts.

“Nathan’s inspiring story and unique perspective of art is what makes this exhibit a can’t miss for all ages this summer,” Jeff and Penny Vinik noted in a news release. “Our hope is that everyone in our community will be able to experience this incredible exhibition up-close. Art is both impactful and inspirational, and we hope to continue sharing world-class cultural events like The Art of the Brick with Tampa Bay.”

The world’s largest LEGO art display is presented free to the public because the foundation strives to help reinforce the importance of art.


Finding Art in a Toy


This exhibit is guaranteed to be a major draw for downtown Tampa.

The world’s largest LEGO art display will feature 100 incredible artworks made entirely out of LEGO bricks. The collection features original sculptures, as well as re-imagined versions of iconic art masterpieces.

Additionally, the display features a gallery showcasing an innovative, multimedia collection of LEGO brick-infused photographs produced in tandem with photographer Dean West.

“The Art of the Brick takes LEGO bricks somewhere you wouldn’t expect and shows you things you have never seen before,” Sawaya said. “A goal with this collection of art is to demonstrate the potential of imagination and the power of creativity.”

One of the most talked about portions of the exhibit is the recreation of classic art using LEGO bricks. Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night and Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa are two examples of this.

There’s also a constant fascination with the 20-foot-long T-Rex dinosaur skeleton made out of bricks. There’s also a giant skull, and a woman swimming in the sea. Both modern and contemporary art  gives the exhibit a flair and style that can be enjoyed by all ages.


Domain Homes is committed to being your premiere new home builder. We procure home sites in Tampa Bay’s most sought-after and well-established neighborhoods. That includes South Tampa, West Tampa, North Hyde Park, the Heights, and St. Petersburg – all close to downtown.

Location is very important to our buyers. We know they want to be close to the excitement happening in downtown Tampa. The LEGO art display will be another great reason for people to visit our downtown – and live close to it.

Hosting a worldwide phenomenon continues a great tradition. The Art of the Brick LEGO exhibition presents the Tampa Bay area as a prime location for young professionals as well as families looking for activities for their children.

The world’s largest LEGO art display will be enjoyed and talked about in the Tampa area for years. Bring your families, friends, classes, and neighbors to see the exhibit, which runs from June 23 to Sept. 4 at the District 3 Venue Event Center, 802 E. Whiting St.

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