Here’s Why It’s Never Hard to Find Things to Do in South Tampa

things to do in south tampa

Without question, if you’re coming to Tampa Bay, you’ll quickly discover that people have no problem finding things to do in South Tampa.

There are a lot of reasons why people love Tampa Bay, from the beaches to the historic nature of the city, to the theme parks and the friendly locals.

At the same time, different neighborhoods in the region have their fan base as well. And in South Tampa, the fun things to do have helped make it a very desirable place to live.

The South Tampa neighborhood truly has a lot going for it, from the historic nature of the area to the performing arts, restaurants, and nightlife that help draw people here – all of which have helped make South Tampa as a very desirable place to live. The local restaurants offer a diverse selection of meals, and shoppers love the small mom-and-pop-style businesses. No wonder that builders like Domain Homes continue to construct new houses here. South Tampa has truly become an appealing place for house hunters.

What Do Locals Love About Being in South Tampa?

South Tampa has been one of the most desirable places to live in the greater Tampa Bay Area for years. It’s one of the Bay Area’s most beautiful enclaves, located on a stunning peninsula just south of downtown Tampa.

It’s a gorgeous part of the city in so many ways. South Tampa’s waterfront along Bayshore Boulevard is known for the many canopies of majestic trees with Spanish moss. Fun fact: Bayshore Blvd. is the world’s longest continuous sidewalk. Here you’ll regularly pass outdoor enthusiasts biking, rollerblading, or going on a stroll.

At the same time, move a little closer to Gandy Boulevard and you’ll discover hip coffee shops and bars everywhere. South Tampa is as uniquely diverse as it is charming.

In fact, the neighborhood benefits from being in just the right spot, located just minutes from Downtown Tampa, Ybor City, and North St. Petersburg across the Gandy Bridge – not to mention some of the best beaches, like Clearwater and St. Pete Beach, in the state.

South Tampa’s charms are so numerous, in fact, that the neighborhood attracts a lot of recreational cyclists who enjoy catching the view from the waterfront, gazing up at those moss-laden trees, or perhaps looking up even higher to see a jet flying over while heading toward nearby MacDill Air Force Base.

With Florida’s legendary tropical weather, being outdoors in South Tampa is a popular option. Locals love to go paddle boarding on the Hillsborough River, go on sunset walks on Downtown’s Riverwalk, or drive through the University of Tampa’s impressive campus with the windows down.

But there’s a lot of indoor fun things to do in South Tampa, as well.

What Are Some Fun Things To Do in South Tampa?

activities in south tampa

A lot of neighborhoods across the country would be thrilled to have one very fine restaurant, perhaps a lone museum, maybe a sports field for kids.

In South Tampa, the challenge isn’t finding something to do — but narrowing your list of options.

Here are just a few fun activities in South Tampa:

  • World-class shopping at Hyde Park Village
  • A diverse collection of restaurants
  • The David A. Straz, Jr. Center for the Performing Arts
  • The Tampa Museum of Art
  • Nightlife galore
  • Host site to some of Florida’s top urban festivals, like the annual Gasparilla Parade
  • Lightning Hockey game
  • Harbor Island and Davis Island and more!

South Tampa offers both kid-friendly activities and plenty of options for adults as well. The neighborhood is ​home to some very highly regarded restaurants, popular coffee shops, and wine bars.

South Tampa has a long list of popular foodie options, ranging from steakhouses to artisan cuisine to Italian Bistros, serving meals that include Turkish meals and gastropubs, pulled pork, seafood, Italian and Thai food, that goes from casual dining, like Datz on S. McDill Blvd, to upscale, like Élevage Restaurant on S. Howard Blvd.

There are a wide variety of dishes to be found here.

And that’s one reason why the 14th annual Taste of South Tampa was held at the Tampa Garden Club this year and will be held there again next year. The event featured more than 30 restaurants, a beer garden and live entertainment.

There are also plenty of activities in South Tampa and there are a healthy number of small business owned shops here, too.

This is a very trendy part of Tampa Bay, close to the popular sidewalk along Bayshore Boulevards, and literally offering tons of things to do in South Tampa.

Cool, hip and bustling, this is a neighborhood that benefits from being in a very convenient location.

What Are the Homes Like in South Tampa?

homes in south tampa

South Tampa offers everything people are looking for when it comes to looking for a city to call home: beautiful properties surrounded by culture, food, art, and other urban amenities. This is truly where the phrase location, location, location comes in.

With no shortage of things to do in South Tampa it’s no wonder why a respected builder like Domain Homes constructs homes in South Tampa.

Domain Homes is Tampa Bay area’s Urban Neighborhood new home builder, procuring sites in sought-after neighborhoods like South Tampa that may be in need of repair, and replacing them with move-in-ready new homes.

Contact Domain Homes today at 813-580-8111 to learn about the homes we have available there.




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