New Regulations for Uber, Lyft in Tampa Bay

Over a hundred Uber drivers showed up wearing black Uber t-shirts to protest new regulations during the recent Hillsborough County public transportation meeting held on September 14th.

While it’s rumored you may want to start looking for alternative transportation in the Tampa Bay area, there’s no need to delete your Uber app just yet. New regulations on ridesharing are a result of the recent meeting, including fingerprinting for all Uber and Lyft drivers. Other new regulations include annual vehicle inspections, ban on price surges during a state of emergency, and a 10 year age limit on vehicles.

While many drivers are unhappy with these new regulations, riders can be assured the precautions have been put in place to ensure a more safe riding environment. Both Uber and Lyft plan to continue operating in Hillsborough County for a while yet. The regulations still have to be approved at a second public hearing on October 13, and even after will take months to go into effect. So if you frequently use Uber and Lyft anywhere in the Tampa area, these changes are still a little ways off.

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