Thinking about a do-over? You’re not alone.

Since the beginning of Domain Homes’ history, people in charming Tampa neighborhoods like Seminole Heights, Tampa Heights, Hyde Park and beyond have come to us hoping to keep their homesite — but completely rebuild their home.

For these customers, leaving their beloved, historic neighborhoods is not an option. However, some of them own irregularly shaped or sized lots, which often comes with the territory of living in older parts of town.

We’ve seen a lot of different situations. Some of these properties have irregular, angled or “L” shapes. Some are extra-narrow, or just don’t seem to lend themselves to the home of one’s dreams.

But Domain Homes doesn’t dwell on the negatives. Where others see challenges, we see opportunity. We work with these people to assess their needs, budget and wishes, and we use our long years of experience to propose a new home making creative use of the space.

We’ve helped so many people in this way that it has become somewhat synonymous with Domain Homes. And we’re proud to be able to help people gain a dream home while keeping their dream neighborhood.

Yes, you CAN have your cake and eat it, too.

We’ve got the right Guy for the job

Our longtime on-your-lot specialist is Guy Frankenfield. He is experienced at this process and knows all the options. Guy loves to help both new and returning clients and will expertly guide you through the entire process.

First, he will review your property’s location, dimensions and local zoning requirements. Based on these findings, he’ll help you select the perfect Domain Homes floor plans for your property size, needs and available budget.

This is followed by a detailed site evaluation. Here, Guy will take a close look at the property and consider all the site costs that will be associated with building here — like demolition of the existing house, tree/landscaping work, and any flood foundations (where applicable).

After that, we turn you over to our interior designer, Jon Behr, who will help you personalize all the design selections available for your chosen plan. From materials, fixtures, treatments and features to architectural styles and color palettes, this is your opportunity to make your new home reflect your unique tastes — from laid-back to luxurious!

We factor all these elements, costs and upgrades into the final price of the home.

We know the area

Driving through many of Tampa’s neighborhoods, you’ve probably seen our completed homes — or the familiar Domain Homes sign on a new construction site. The word has certainly spread about our specialized abilities in on-your-lot design and construction, so people from all over Tampa and St. Pete have been asking us to help.

As you see Domain Homes being built all over, you may notice how different each situation is. We’ve put new homes into what some would consider very tight spaces, breathing new life into a homeowner’s beloved property with a spacious and stylish new design. Often, these are two-story plans offering far more square footage than the previous home. The results are stunning and the homeowners are delighted.

Of course, a new home should complement its surroundings. We’re frequently asked to adhere to the prevailing visual style of a neighborhood. Being able to match a given look and feel is especially important in certain historic communities, where architectural details must match exact standards before a plan can be approved.

Being based in Tampa, we have deep familiarity with these neighborhoods. This expertise, and our sheer range of architectural offerings, make us your ideal homebuilder for these situations.

By the way, we get many customer inquiries regarding flood zones. We are well-acquainted with building on both sides of Tampa Bay and are experienced with the construction techniques appropriate for each flood zone level. Not only will your home be safe, but your new Domain home can also reduce your existing flood insurance to a dramatic degree.

We have a plan

Domain Homes currently offers a wide variety of home plans ranging from 1,266 to 3,784 square feet. These are available in multiple elevations, offering an impressive array of style options.

We even offer a 484-square-foot, 2-story detached garage with a 1-bedroom, 1-bath residence upstairs. This is one of the ways we can make creative use of irregularly-shaped homesites, adding great value and utility to any sized property — with a minimal footprint.

All our homes offer impressive exterior and interior details and energy-saving features.

We’re on-your-lot financing experts, too

In addition to picking the perfect floor plan, Domain Homes can also perfect the financial part of the equation. We work with a hand-picked collection of preferred lenders for on-your-lot projects.

These lenders specialize in making the best use of any equity you may already have in your property. This equity could be advantageous when applied to the down payment of your new construction loan.

Domain Homes makes dreams come true

Visit our build on your lot page for more info. You can schedule a free property evaluation — or just call us at 813-580-8114 to have that initial conversation and get your questions answered.

We’re confident Domain Homes can add your name to our long list of satisfied customers.